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Pebble Tec


Experience Pebble Tec superior quality pool finishes and discover:

  • Natural Beauty
  • Non-Slip Surface
  • Product Durability
  • Ease of Maintenance

Swimming pool design has had numerous advancements with the discovery of new techniques and pool materials. Greece has experienced a rise in pool construction and the use of new designs, surfaces, and pool finishes. Pebble Tec provides an alternative to the traditional plaster pools providing quality and durable pool products for Greece.

About Pebble Tec Greece

Pebble Technology will lead the industry in providing superior quality pool finishes and outdoor environments.With an unwavering commitment, we will pursue value for both our licensed installers and the consumer. We will combine the highest ethical standards, the best materials and process, as the talents of our licensed installers to exceed the consumers' expectations.

Through a superior quality array of best class products for backyard environments, pebble Technology, inc, will continually deliver unprecedented value to our licensed installers and the consumer. The foundation of the company named'' Technical proposal'' in 1995 has been created to satisfy the client’s needs like is study, supervising restoration as also construction on specializing to outdoor pools.

The constantly improvement in years has been proved from a majority of jobs in big and famous hotel , but also to private sectors. Our priorities are excellent quality and we also try to find new methods and materials for better resorts.

We were trying to find a way to make the inside of a pool look like nature and also more elegant than before. So, in 2002 we made the first pool made by pebble at the hotel ''Apollo Cavouri Palace''. Since then, hundreds of swimming pools have been made with Pebble proving that we managed to satisfy the expectations and needs of Greek Market. Our hope for the future is the constant improvement of our services and products.


Techniki Protasi
Aggeliki Ath. Mitreli

Study - Supervision - Construction
Pebbletecpool Greece

Contact Telephone
M: +30 6944 266172
E: info@pebbletecpool.com
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